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Windsurfing on Corpus Christi Bay

Try your hand at windsurfing on Corpus Christi Bay

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By Suzanne Freeman

May 16, 2017

By Suzanne Freeman

May 16, 2017

The three components needed for this water sport are balance, wind sense and steering. For beginners, experts urge lining up a few lessons before letting loose on your own. Wind boards and instructions are available to rent on many of the Corpus Christi area beaches.

If you have to know now, here are a few basic instructions:

  • Place one foot on either side of the mast.
  • Grab the up-haul and stand up straight.
  • Start pulling up the sail. Be sure to use your legs to pull, not your back.
  • Pull the sail up until the sail is only touching the water. This gives you something to hold onto and keep your balance. This is the base position.
  • Next remember these words: Mast. Feet. Boom.
  • Mast. With a turn of a shoulder, grab the mast with the front hand under the boom. Bring the sail to you, don’t move to the sail.
  • Feet. Move your feet to the back of the board.
  • Boom. Grab the boom with your back hand. Don’t do it too quickly or the wind will rip it away. Close the sail slowly and get used to the power and pull.

It’s important not to move your feet after grabbing the boom. The sail will be trying to pull you forward. Your feet need to be firmly planted to keep your balance as the board begins to rip through the surf.

While there’s a lot more to it, these basic tips will get you started!

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