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St. Augustine Distillery – 2021 All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos)

We were very glad we made it a point to visit the St. Augustine Distillery!The distillery itself is in an older building with a lot of history around it and its neighbors. We walked here from Old Town; it wasn’t a bad walk, about 15 minutes or so in total.

We entered into the lobby area, where staff greeted us, and explained the self-guided tour process. In this area was a small museum, with some interesting info about the history of the building, and a history of the distillery. The building isn’t overly big, so the self-guided tour isn’t that long.

The sample ideas were great; at each “station” along the tour, staff provided a sample of a cocktail using one of their spirits. The first sample was in the museum area. The tour then led through the main distilling area, where most of the “magic” happens. It is interesting to see all of the process steps lined up for use. This led to the bottling area, which included another sampling station, with two separate samples. The next step was…well into the sampling bar and gift shop area. The sampling bar included another cocktail sample; plus, the staff there were quite happy to have you sample just about all of the spirits they had available. Like most spirt/wintery/brewery tours, of course the gift shop, with gifts and bottles of their product, are after all of the samples! LOL. Quite an effective strategy….including for us, when we bought two separate bottles of their product.

The staff was incredibly friendly throughout our visit; very knowledgeable, very open to answering and talking about any of their products, and generally made for an incredibly enjoyable visit.

Overall, most of their products were good; we ended up bringing home a bottle of their vodka, and one of their whiskeys. Overall, this was a fantastic stop, and we are very glad we planned on this.


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