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Although the installation went beautifully, what pleasantly surprised us was his service after the sale. We also like that we can take our water samples into their store to get analyzed and they carry all the supplies we need to keep our pool looking great. – Dennis Schaefer


Go ahead, test the water. It’s all yours. Relax in the sun and splash on a sizzling, hot day. A minute to yourself – the moment you’ve been waiting for.


Owning a spa is the best things you can do your family. Visit us to learn how a new spa can help you sleep better, improve your circulation and relieve your stress.


The key to any pool being its most clean, clear, and non-irritating is proper chemical balance. Having a pool correctly balanced is crucial for an enjoyable swim


When it comes to your pool equipment it needs regular maintenance but it eventually will need to be either repaired or replaced.



The water has always been a favorite place for outdoor recreation. Paddling a canoe along a rambling creek, jumping the wake behind a fast boat, or snorkeling among coral reefs, are just a few of the many ways you can have fun in the water. The one thing that these and every other form of water recreation have in common is that they can all be made more enjoyable with our water sports equipment. We have all types of inflatables from balls to boats, every kind of towable equipment from tubes to water skis, canoes and kayaks and the carriers and racks to get them to the water, snorkeling gear, pools, waterproof action cameras to record your aquatic adventures.