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Force-E Scuba Diving Centers of South Florida

If you’ve always wanted to get your scuba diving certification, or just love the water and want to experience the unparalleled adventure of the world beneath the waves, you came to the right place! You can experience the best scuba diving in South Florida with Force-E Scuba Centers. Sense the zero gravity feeling of outer space without a rocket ship. Scuba diving isn’t just your new favorite hobby… it’s an experience! You’ll make new friends and be the cool one of your existing friends, see things you never thought you could before, and have never-ending stories to tell about your underwater encounters.

Boca Raton Learn To SCUBA Dive

The Force-E Open Water Diver course is your ticket to a new adventure underwater. Millions of people of all ages and fitness levels can learn to scuba dive. Force-E Instructors have numerous professional ratings with different certification agencies and have many years of teaching experience. Worried about fitting scuba diving into your already hectic schedule? Force-E offers the option of either online learning or classroom setting, followed by pool sessions and boat or shore diving for the Open Water certification.

South Florida Scuba Diving Certification

Want to enhance your diving skills? Consider taking your next level of certification courses. Force-E offers multiple recreational level courses, professional level courses, technical diving courses, and free diving courses with multiple certification agencies. Our professional dive staff offer the best local scuba instruction available.
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South Florida Scuba Diving Events

Force-E Scuba Centers likes to have fun in and out of the water. We regularly host local events including the best local scuba diving, Blue Heron Bridge scuba night dives, beach cleanups, kids events, educational seminars, fundraisers for good causes, parties and more. It’s a never-ending good time with Force-E, so don’t be shy and join us!
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Scuba Dive Sites in South Florida

Looking for scuba diving near me? Choose dive sites from Fort Lauderdale to West Palm Beach with Force-E Dive Centers. We have a team of knowledgeable locals behind you to ensure you experience some of the best scuba diving in South Florida. We offer both boat diving and shore diving and can get you booked any day of the week!
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Boca Raton Scuba Diving Rental Gear

Off shore or on shore look no further… Whether you are a diver, a snorkeler, a spear fisher, or just a beach goer, we have the high quality, name brand gear and accessories you need. We supply everything from scuba lessons to full scuba kit. Look cool out of the water too, check out our Force-E logo gear and grab a t-shirt, tank, or hat to represent your one stop local dive shop.

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The water has always been a favorite place for outdoor recreation. Paddling a canoe along a rambling creek, jumping the wake behind a fast boat, or snorkeling among coral reefs, are just a few of the many ways you can have fun in the water. The one thing that these and every other form of water recreation have in common is that they can all be made more enjoyable with our water sports equipment. We have all types of inflatables from balls to boats, every kind of towable equipment from tubes to water skis, canoes and kayaks and the carriers and racks to get them to the water, snorkeling gear, pools, waterproof action cameras to record your aquatic adventures.