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Scuba Corporations Are Not People…..

We the people vs Corporations. It’s time for a change. Corporations are not people.

….And most dive instructors are not voting members of the scuba corporations, at best they are franchisees.

Most scuba corporations are for profit corporations owned by their directors not the members. Having membership in a scuba corporation is like having membership privileges at American Express Cards … (little or none) 

Last month PADI was bought by Lincolnshire Management of New York so guess I am a member of Lincolnshire Management ? The real sad ugly truth is PADI is no longer owned by divers, and that has been true for some time…

To protect our customers and ourselves we have our customers sign the Student Exit Agreement, you may remember it.

Please read it again and contact us if you, our customers , are contacted by the corporation that issued your scuba identification card.  


Student agrees that the entire academic, confined and open water
requirements for this diver course have been successfully fulfilled by the
student and that student fully understands the questions on quizzes and
exams missed.

As indicated by the signature below, the student is mentally and physically
prepared to engage in diving activities without the direct supervision of an
instructor, provided area and conditions approximate those in which the
diver was trained. In addition, the student recognizes the need for
additional training in order to dive under any other circumstances and after
periods of diving inactivity.

Student agrees that they are customers of Sunsation Divers and are not
customers or the property of the corporation that issued their scuba
identification card(s) and will inform Sunsation Divers if solicited by said
corporation for any reason.


Since I published this last month PADI has ‘unfriended me’ (after 23 years)… so I have published PADI Sucks How you like them apples PADI ?



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