Water Sports

Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center (Stuart) – 2021 All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos)

I thought this experience was a great value for the money. I attended the 3 information sessions.. Stingray touching and feeding,fish feeding/details about the ecosystem/algae and the disabled Turtle Pavilion. All 3 hosts did a great job in sharing the information very clearly, answering questions, and managing the questions throughout their presentation. Due to the covid-19 since they are limiting capacity and have only two sessions daily.

The stingray area was very spacious with some benches marked off for social distancing. Even with about 25 people in the area , I felt that I had plenty of room to move away from people and still hear the presentation clearly.

The second presentation was on the walkway surrounding the Lagoon Aquarium… people stood shoulder-to-shoulder watching the fish be fed but I was able to step away and still hear the presentation clearly.

The turtle Pavilion was much tinier but they were only four or five people during that presentation. It would have been uncomfortable if everyone at the afternoon session had gone to the turtle Pavilion together.

The Hosts did wear masks however at the second presentation the host opted to pull his gaiter down, but he was in a roped-off area so no one could get close to him.. I did not feel uncomfortable.

The patrons were all wearing masks.

There was also an indoor exhibits area, a children’s craft / play area and a second touching exhibit. The sessions are two and a half hours and I felt that was plenty of time. Each of the presentations is slightly less than 30 minutes .. 1:30, 2, 2:30. There was an additional stingrays touching session at 3 and the afternoon session ended at 3:30.

There was an age range of the patrons from Toddlers to seniors


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