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 Delightfully warm weather, tropical atmosphere, and plenty of beach access are just a few of the benefits of our Florida Keys vacation rentals. From fishing to fresh local cuisine to colorful history, the flavors of the Keys are sure to delight any visitor. This legendary string of islands draws travelers back year after year, and our beach house rentals set the scene for the Florida Keys magic they all know and love.</p>               <h3>Book confidently. Stay comfortably.</h3>                                                            <img data-src="https://www-vacasa.imgix.net/icon__support--2x.png?auto=format%2Ccompress&ixlib=python-3.2.1&q=45&w={width}" alt="Book confidently. Stay comfortably." src="https://www-vacasa.imgix.net/icon__support--2x.png?auto=format%2Ccompress&ixlib=python-3.2.1&q=45&w={width}" />                 <p>24/7 support</p>                                                                <img data-src="https://www-vacasa.imgix.net/icon__check-in--2x.png?auto=format%2Ccompress&ixlib=python-3.2.1&q=45&w={width}" alt="Easy check-in" src="https://www-vacasa.imgix.net/icon__check-in--2x.png?auto=format%2Ccompress&ixlib=python-3.2.1&q=45&w={width}" />                 <p>Easy check-in</p>                                                                <img data-src="https://www-vacasa.imgix.net/icon-cleaning.png?auto=format%2Ccompress&ixlib=python-3.2.1&q=45&w={width}" alt="Professional cleaning" src="https://www-vacasa.imgix.net/icon-cleaning.png?auto=format%2Ccompress&ixlib=python-3.2.1&q=45&w={width}" />                 <p>Professional cleaning</p>                                         <h3>Where are our Florida Keys vacation rentals?</h3>  The Florida Keys are a chain of coral reef islands off the southern tip of Florida. Beginning 15 miles from Miami and extending in an arc toward Key West, the islands divide the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. The islands are connected by a long stretch of road, the famous Overseas Highway.   <p>The inviting climate can be described as a "tropical savannah," making this area a beloved vacation destination for many. Our Florida Keys beachfront rentals, beach houses rentals, and cottages give vacationers the chance to experience the best of the area firsthand.  </p><h3>Things to do around our Florida Keys vacation rentals</h3>  With a storied history and lively nightlife, Key West is immensely popular for good reason. Retirees, young travelers, and water sports enthusiasts will all find something here to their taste. Brunch, sunny strolls, and afternoons out on the water are the foundations of a Key West getaway, and a vacation home with a private pool doesn't hurt, either.  <p>There's more to see on the Overseas Highway than just Key West, though. Key Largo's snorkeling, Little Conch Key's laid-back attitude, and the sea turtle hospital in Marathon are just a taste of your Florida Keys options.  

Getting out on the open water is the heart and soul of the Keys. Both experienced sailors striking out on their own and beginners going out under the supervision of a captain will love the bright blue Caribbean waves. Anglers will want to bring along their fishing gear and catch something for dinner. Anyone wanting some excitement can try other aquatic adventures, like scuba diving and parasailing.

There are plenty of land-based options as well, like visiting the preserved mango swamps of Marathon or learning about dolphins at the Dolphin Research Center. Or, go back to basics and spend time soaking up the sun on the beach.

Heading to our Florida Keys vacation rentals is an ideal choice for someone looking to get away from the daily grind. After a few days in your Florida Keys beach house rental, you’ll wish you could stay forever.

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The water has always been a favorite place for outdoor recreation. Paddling a canoe along a rambling creek, jumping the wake behind a fast boat, or snorkeling among coral reefs, are just a few of the many ways you can have fun in the water. The one thing that these and every other form of water recreation have in common is that they can all be made more enjoyable with our water sports equipment. We have all types of inflatables from balls to boats, every kind of towable equipment from tubes to water skis, canoes and kayaks and the carriers and racks to get them to the water, snorkeling gear, pools, waterproof action cameras to record your aquatic adventures.