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5 places to go water skiing in Polk

By John Ceballos The Ledger


Jun 10, 2016 at 12:57 PM

The summer season is upon us, and the number of water skiers is expected to climb along with the temperature.

POLK COUNTY — The summer season is upon us, and the number of water skiers is expected to climb along with the temperature.
Mark Voisard, president of the Winter Haven-based Cypress Gardens Water Ski Team, and Harold Fry, vice president of the Lakeland Water Ski Club, shared their thoughts on some of the hottest spots in Polk to go water skiing.

NO. 1: Lake Hollingsworth

“I would almost consider this the perfect lake,” said Fry, citing Lake Hollingsworth’s calm waters. “It sits down in a bowl, so there’s not always wind on it.”

The lake hosts practice for both the Lakeland Water Ski Club and Florida Southern College’s Water Ski team.

NO. 2: Lake Cannon

“It’s a big lake, and there’s a really nice boat ramp on the west side,” Voisard said of the nearly-round Lake Cannon. “Usually there’s at least one side that’s going to be calm.”

NO. 3: Lake Shipp

Meanwhile, Voisard praises Lake Shipp — another nearly around lake in Winter Haven — for giving boaters options.

“It’s not as big as other lakes, but it has two nice boat ramps,” he said. “There’s also plenty of room for skiing whether there’s fishermen there or not.”

NO. 4: Lake Gibson

Fry rated Lake Gibson in North Lakeland highly due to its similarities to Lake Hollingsworth.

“It’s about the same size (as Lake Hollingsworth), and it gives you a long enough area to find good, calm water,” he said.

NO. 5: Lake Summit/Lake Eloise

Voisard suggested using the boat ramp off Lake Summit in Winter Haven before accessing the adjacent Lake Eloise through a narrow canal. Besides ample room for skiing, Lake Eloise offers an added benefit.

“You can ski on Lake Eloise for sure,” Voisard said. “You can also see the Legoland ski show from there.”

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